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Title Adidas x Support is Everything
Editor Duda Rodrigues

Post-Producer Imogen Lodewyke

Post-Production via Contented Group

Production TwelveA.M.

Campaign Hyperactive London

Client Adidas London

Based on the findings that “only 4% of statues in London are of women” (Art UK 2021), the campaign features 8 trailblazing women who all speak of what representation means to them - before stepping into a 3D scanner to create statues of themselves. The statues were then displayed in front of one of London’s most iconic landmarks, before being donated to the communities of the women involved. #SupportIsEverything

As a female editor, I’ve loved being able to play a part in such an impactful and meaningful campaign about championing such trailblazing women. It means a lot to me. Seeing women of all backgrounds, shapes, and sizes being championed by their achievement in their communities and breaking down the bias of women in sport is amazing to see in such a big brand like Adidas and giving these women a bigger platform to be represented. Having the opportunity to go through each of the woman’s interviews and hearing what support means to them, how they overcame the challenges they faced and what their proudest achievements are was such an amazing experience as an editor. Being able to showcase the narrative of them being immortalised into statues was my favourite part of editing these videos. Seeing the women having fun during the shoot and showcasing themselves and doing what they love made the editing process so much easier.

The exhibition of the statues was showcased in front of Towel Bridge on London Riverside from the 17th of February 2022 to 9th of March 2022 for International Women's Day. After the exhibition, the statues were donated to the women's communities, Vivianne Miedema's statues was put outside of the Emirates Stadium, Tanya Compas and Emily Scarratt's statues were showcased again inside the British Museum for the Feminine Power: the divine to the demonic (19 May 2022 to 25h September 2022) exhibition at the British Museum.

Tanya Compas

Sherrie Silver

Vivianne Miedema

Asma Elbadawi

Ellie Goldstien

Emily Scarratt

Francesca Brown

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