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Title ECB | Player in Focus Series

Creative Director Duda Rodrigues
Editor Duda Rodrigues

Motion Graphic Designer Duda Rodrigues

Production Company Contented
Executive Producer Claire Taylor

Client England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB)

Player Focus is a short documentary series that champions three cricketers from the England Physical Disability Team as we share their journey into cricket. Batter Liam O'brien, Wicketkeeper-batter Liam Thomas and Spinner Fred Bridges.


We conducted interviews with the three players for a partnership series with Vitality, where the players walked us through their go to workouts and we captured them telling us their journey into cricket. That section of the interview was unfortunately scrapped from the partnership series so I pitched the Player in Focus series to ECB with the intent to create these mini documentaries and I was given the green light. From the storytelling, editing and motion graphics design I brought the stories of these three Disability League players to life. 




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