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Title the hidden treasure
Director & Writer Duda Rodrigues

Producer Duda Rodrigues

DOP Megan Collins

Production Designer Shannon Maher

Editor Darby Savage

Sound Mixing Duda Rodrigues & Darby Savage

Music MYK.

The hidden treasure is about Daniel (19), a young teenage boy in his first year at university. He's having relationship problems with his girlfriend, Mia (19) because he has a lot going on at university and hasn’t been making a lot of time for her lately. on an ordinary Saturday morning, after an enormous fight with Mia the night before. daniel discovers a handwritten letter and map from his late grandfather. which takes Daniel in an interesting journey of discovery about his grandparents' love story. Will the discovery of his grandparents' love story inspire Daniel to make his relationship with mia work? This film is my first directing with a small crew behind me helping to bring the story to life. it is part of the assignment for my directing unit in the second year at Bournemouth University BA (Hons) film. This is a second version of the story I wrote a couple of years ago, which I filmed and named unlocked.

Equipment;  Lumix G7 [14-42mm & 45-150mm lens], Arri 5 LED Lighting Kit, RODE VideoMic Go,  Tascam DR-40 Audio Recorder, Premiere Pro CC, Audition CC​​​​​​​

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