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#Experimentals is a film installation that explores my response to selected photographers work. Each film follows a photography genre that has been adapted to moving image. This installation is part of my graduate project for my BA Film degree, in this project I decided to take a very experimental take by mixing different techniques going for an artistic vibe of colour, movement and distortion.


All three films are one major piece, the first film follows the genre of human figure based on the work of Lucyna Kolendo who uses a lot of close ups and deem lighting to capture the human body in a more personal aspect. The second film follows the genre of social documentary based on the work of Abelardo Ojeda who uses slow shutter and high contrast to capture the day to day city life. The third and last film follows the genre of abstract based on the work of Bill Armstrong who uses blur to capture the world in a different perspective. Linking the films together I took inspiration from Brice Bischoff on the use of colour.

[the video above is simply a model of how the videos were meant to be presented, this is how the live installation was actually presented.]

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